Komen Maryland gives out grants? I didn’t know that!
Komen Maryland funds innovative programs that offer a comprehensive range of breast health services, from screening and treatment to support services, across the state of Maryland. The programs we fund help to overcome the cultural, social, educational and financial barriers that prevent people from receiving life saving treatment – right now.

What kinds of programs does Komen Maryland fund?
Komen Maryland funds direct and supportive breast health programs including:

  • free mammograms and clinical breast exams
  • support groups/mentoring for breast cancer patients and survivors
  • meals delivered to women undergoing treatment
  • outreach to Hispanic, Korean and other minority communities
  • free mental health and counseling for women and their families

For a list of our current grantees, please see About our Grant Partners.

Komen Maryland cannot grant money directly to individuals nor can we directly fund research.

Who can apply for Komen Maryland grants?
Nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions in Maryland, with the exception of Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, are eligible to apply. Organizations must provide proof of non-profit status with their application.

Komen Maryland cannot grant funds to individuals.

Are there different types of grants?
Our grants fall into four main categories:

  • Screening, Treatment and Education Program (STEP) grants are funded up to $85,000 for one year and are projects geared toward the outreach, screening, treatment and program needs related to breast cancer.
  • Clinical Trial Enrollment (CTE) grants are funded for up to $75,000 for one year and help address the need for more funding directed towards clinical trials at the local level. Most CRAFT grant awards are to support a clinical research nurse to increase accrual of patients into breast cancer clinical trials.
  • Make a Difference (MAD) grants for Baltimore City, Western and Southern Maryland, and the Eastern Shore are available for up to $150,000 for one year. MAD proposals MUST provide a continuum of services, from outreach to screening to follow up.
  • Small grants of up to $10,000 are available year round. These grants are intended to be responsive to the breast health community.

Does Komen Maryland provide any assistance with the application process?
Yes, Komen Maryland provides grant writing workshops throughout the state before grant applications are due. Additionally, Komen Maryland has a staff member dedicated to the grants program who can answer questions, provide assistance and review drafts of grants. Send an email to

How can I apply for a grant?
To apply for a large grant, organizations must read and respond to the Request for Proposals (RFP). Please email or call 410-938-8990 to be notified of the next RFP announcement. To apply for a small grant, please read and respond to the RFP. All applications must be submitted using out online system.

2012-2013 Grant Cycle Timeline

Request for Applications (RFA) released

  • mailed to notification list
  • posted to

August 2011

Grant Writing Workshops

  • Check for schedule
  • Contact the office to request a group workshop
  • Includes information on using the online application system

September and October 2011

Applications Due


November 14, 2011

Announcement of Grants Awarded


March, 2012

Award Start Date


April 1, 2012

Site visit


 August-September 2012

Progress Report Due


October, 2012

Final Report Due


April 30, 2013